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Moore Hall Forest Walk


Moore Hall is located on the shores of Lough Carra near Ballinrobe.


Moore Hall is situated 11km north of Ballinrobe on a road that takes you to Ballygarris cross.  Turn left at this point and you will eventually arrive at Carnacon village.  After crossing Annie‚Äôs bridge, take the next left turn at Lough Carra lake.  This will take you to the trailhead / start point.


Walk at a Glance

Trail Name:                Moore Hall Walk

Trailhead:                   Car Park

Length:                        3 kms

Estimated Time:         1.5 hours

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

Terrain:                      Forest Paths

Minimum Gear:          Walking Shoes & Raingear

Map Reference:         OS Discovery Series Sheet 38           


Trail Description 

Starting from the car park, walk past the yellow and black barrier which takes you into the forest. On your left, there is a mixed plantation of conifer and broadleaf species e.g. Ash, Beech, Norway Spruce, Scots Pine. On your right, the species are mainly Norway Spruce and Larch. Continue over the hill and pass the old coach house. This is a preservation site for the Lesser horseshoe bat, which is under treat and, therefore, should not be disturbed. Continue along the forest road for approx 1km.Turn right at this point for .5km. At the next junction, turn right. This will take you to Moorehall House, now in ruins. Before leaving the house, visit the old walled garden which is nearby.

On your way back to the car park,  use the narrow path which takes you through the picnic site. If time allows, why not visit the burial site of the Moore family at Kiltoom. On leaving the car park to your right, follow the public road for approx 30metres, you will see a sign for Kiltoom to your left. Walk through the beech wood path until you arrive at the grave.

Points of Interest

Lough Carra has a very distinctive green colour which is attributed to its marl bottom that reflects in the sunshine. The lakeshore is rich in native flora and wildlife. Many species of wild duck are present, as well as swans and coots. Lough Carra, one of the three great lakes in the west of Ireland, is drained into nearby Lough Mask by means of a small river, known as the Keel River.  The network of forest roads provides a very pleasant walk (Moore Hall Walk), the focal point of which is the ruins of Moore Hall House.

Moore Hall House was built by George Moore in 1792 and completed in 1796. George amassed a considerable fortune in Alicante, Spain, as a wine merchant and builder. He also owned a fleet of ships. He died in 1799 and is buried near Stride Co Mayo. Moore Hall was burned in 1922.

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Moore Hall Forest Trail