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Lough Callow Loop  


This is a beautiful trail overlooking Callow Lakes, situated just off the N26 Foxford – Swinford road. The two lakes (north and south) are approximately 100acres each and are joined by a narrow channel, which is navigable throughout the season. Both lakes hold good stocks of wild brown trout.  The lake gets good hatches of duckfly, mayfly and sedges and fishes particularly well.

The Callow Loop trail is 6.5 km in distance and is suitable for both Walking and Mountain Biking.  The terrain comprises of both country lanes and bog tracks. 

At a Glance

Name:                                                 Lough Callow Loop Walk

Trailhead / Start Point:                      Pier at Lough Callow

Carparking:                                        Parking available for 5 cars

Distance:                                           6.5 kms

Estimated Time:                               Approximately 2 hours

Trail Waymarking:                            Blue

Terrain:                                              Country Lanes & Sandy Stony Paths

Level of Difficulty:                             Moderate

Minimum Gear:                                 Walking Shoes & Raingear

Os Discovery Map:                           Sheet No 31

Lough Callow Map

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Trail Description

From the slipway and pier at Callow Lake follow the Blue trail pointer markers which are on square black posts which lead up the steep hill.After crossing the bridge which is supported by arches underneath continue upwards and onwards.

Fine beautiful walled terrace gardens are constructed with hugh boulders with pink flowers protruding, while views over the lake can be sneaked between the willow bushes to our left.After .8/mile of hard climbing we turn left down the hill on to a narrow tarred road.A big funny sign for( Cows Crossing )can be viewed beside the hedgerow.

The road descends through what looks like a little cluster of houses where we turn left at a Y junction having completed 1 mile.Two minutes later you will keep right at another fork in the road,Cows graze lazily in the fields and daffodils give their best before retiring for another year.
At 1.7 miles turn sharp right at T junction leading onto a dirt track with signs of turf cutting.This is an ideal place to hear the Corncrakes.Continue over the small bridge and go straight on,while keeping right at sign for Cullonaughton townland clocking up 2.2 miles.

The tarred road is now back and at 2.5 miles go straight up the hill and also straight at Y Junction five minutes later.Its a slow crawl back up to the secondary road before turning right down the same hill we came up at the start,covering four miles in total.

Away in the distance the Nephin mountain range can be viewed and the fertile valley created between them and the Ox mountains supports vegetation which in turn provides cover,food,and nest sites for a wide variety of birds. Field boundaries and sod walls grow rich with wildflowers along the route here,especially where artificial fertiliser and herbicides have not been used.